Our Programs

"A Hand Up. Not a Hand Out"


Our Policy

We at Veterans Empowering Veterans will assist veterans regardless of discharge status, race, age, sex and religious affiliations to become a successful and integral part of society.

We strive to provide a warm and welcoming environment for our veterans to feel like they belong.






Security deposit/utility

Furniture Program

Food Pantry

Job Training and Transportation Program




On any given night there are approximately 500,000 veterans living on the streets or in shelters in our country.


Veterans are twice as likely as other Americans to become chronically homeless.


We design our programs to address the causes of homeless among our veterans which are.


1. Lack of income due to limited education and lack of transferable skills from military to civilian life (especially true of younger veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan)


2. Combat-related physical health issues and disabilities


3. Combat-related mental health issues and disabilities


4. Substance abuse problems that interfere with job retention


5. Weak social networks due to problems adjusting to civilian life


6. Lack of services