Trans House

"We Are Our Brother's Keeper"

Decent housing is not just a wish, it is a human right...Jimmy Carter


Shelter (and clothes) is needed for warmth, privacy, resting and sleeping, implementation of hygiene, preparing and eating food, storing basic personal items, excretion etc… Without shelter and food we’re ineffective and we can’t develop further needs proposed by Maslow.


Here at Veterans Empowering Veterans we take housing seriously because we know that shelter is one of Manslow's Hierarchy of Needs



We presently house four families veterans in our supportive housing program.  Here they get continuous counseling and consistent life skills training, financial management classes and plenty of support from our staff members.


The houses are furnished prior to occupancy with washer and dryer in each home. The veterans are supplied with one month supply of groceries upon move-in.   In order to maintain residency the veteran must maintain employment and or be enrolled as a full time student